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16 & Pregnant Recap: 5 Reasons Why Dell Is The Best Baby Daddy on Season 5 (So Far)



We’ve seen our share of deadbeat baby daddies on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, so Jazmin’s episode was quite the breath of fresh air. Dell is basically a saint compared to the rest of ’em! Here’s 5 reasons why Dell is the best daddy of the season so far—and why he’d totally be number one in the official baby daddy ranking. Sorry, Gary Shirley

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1. He actually cares about his daughter.  Whereas most teenage fathers would just give up under him and Jazmin’s rough circumstances of her strict house rules, Dell cares enough to fight for baby Laila and that’s amazing.

2. He has a legitimate job. Working nights or early mornings is no prob for this guy. Dell got a job shortly before becoming a dad and didn’t cry about buying things for the baby—unlike Autumn’s baby daddy, Dustin, who wanted to spend his paychecks on weed.

3. He buys Leila things. That “Daddy’s sweetheart” onesie that he purchased for his little princess is extra special because the money came out of his pocket. Dell is so not the type of papa to put up a fight about buying diapers.

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4. He fights for his little girl. Jazmin’s mom and step-dad wouldn’t allow Dell to visit after 10pm or when Jazmin was home alone. This made it rough for him to see the baby, and he had no problem standing up for himself and making a case for why their rules are too strict. We also respect him a lot more for approaching Jazmin’s mom about the rules, rather than just breaking them and not caring.

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5. He’s open with his emotions. Dell’s a total softie who’s totally open with his feelings. What other teenage fathers do you know that would initiate a conversation with his girlfriend’s mom to explain how frustrated he is that he isn’t spending enough time with his baby? So. Freakin. Cute.

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