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5 Shows To Watch Tonight Like Modern Family, Top Chef Masters and More

It’s Hump Day, and also a great day for some new TV. Here’s what to tune into tonight in terms of premieres and finales, from ABC to MTV.

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Modern Family. 9pm on ABC. Season 5 returns with a double episode tonight, the first of which sees the family planning end-of-summer activites together and the second of which has the gang heading back to school.  Manny and Luke are freshmen in high school which is really crazy.

Law & Order SVU. 9pm on NBC. 15 seasons in and still going strong! The new season premieres tonight with a kidnapping in Times Square and Benson being held in captivity.

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Nashville. 10pm on ABC. Peggy’s pregnancy, Rayna’s coma—we have a feeling a lot more crazy is going to happen on season 2. A lot.

The Challenge. 10pm on MTV. Prepare to vomit as you watch CT and Wes almost vomit during a disgusting food challenge on tonight’s season finale. Seriously though, EW.

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Top Chef Masters. 10pm on Bravo. The final three contestants create one last dish, and then a winner is revealed on the season 5 finale.

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