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OK! Hottie of the Day: Kevin Zegers

Even since Kevin Zegers stepped foot on the set of Gossip Girl in 2009, we’ve thought that he looks like Zac Efron. Biggest. Compliment. Ever. But now that Kevin is a full-fledged movie star in his own right, he’s turning into a hottie in his own right, too. For instance, take him at last night’s LA premiere of The Mortal Instruments, in which he stars as Alec Lightwood. What a looker, right?!

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Kevin joins a cast of good-looking people—Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower are the main stars—in the movie that comes out next Friday, August 23, so if you’re into hot people, teens with super powers and sci-fi action-y stuff, this movie is for you. Also, Kevin is in it. Our tickets are already purchased.

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