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Watch the 6 Must-See Pilot Trailers of Next Fall (and 2 Not Great Ones)

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Network upfronts week is so crazy, isn’t it? Every single day—every hour—brings news about your favorite shows being picked up, canceled, or moved around. Then there are all the pilots to talk about. It’s a mess, but is here to help. Here are the most fun, exciting, cool pilot trailers for next season. See if you agree!

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How to Get Away with Murder is the new Shonda Rhimes (of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy genius) drama on ABC, so you barely need to know anything else after that. But if we were to sell you further, it would be SEX! MURDER! VIOLA DAVIS! The end.

Then there’s yet another comic-book adaptation. Fox’s Gotham is the story of Batman’s dark city before he came around. The lead character is a young Commissioner Gordon… played by The OC star Ben McKenzie! Yum. It just seems plain cool.

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And another! NBC has Constantine, about the demon hunter, in an adaptation of the comic Hellblazer. Maybe you remember the Keanu Reeves movie?

Now let’s lighten things up, with an adorable rom-com from Casey Wilson. May Marry Me, on NBC, ease the pain of the Happy Endings cancellation.

And then another sweet NBC rom-com A to Z stars your two favorite small characters from your two favorite shows: Cristin Milioti of How I Met Your Mother, and Ben Feldman of Mad Men. They are so cute together!

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Then there’s the strangest, and thus most interesting, pilot trailer, for Fox’s The Last Man on Earth. It stars SNL‘s Will Forte as the titular man, so it feels like I Am Legend but without the fear or ghoulies.

Don’t forget the shows we want to disappear. Yes, already. The fact that there’s a show called Selfie is bad enough. The idea that good ol’ John Cho is mixed up in it makes us especially sad. Also, that annoying voiceover! No.

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As for ABC’s Forever, we give it a solid meh. Maybe we’re just sick of all the tricking death shows that have been coming out recently. Also, the tone is so strange. Is it comedic? It’s about death!

Which show is your favorite so far? Will you give any of them a chance in the fall? What other shows are you excited about? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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