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Here at, we spend every day and night typing our fingers to the bone… about the celebrities that we are hanging out with on a regular basis. Yes, okay, it’s a very good gig. Since we get to see some awesome things, we’ve decided to start sharing it with you every week. Welcome to OK! Gossip Mole!

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Site director Lauren Brown reports that CBS drama Blue Bloods has shut down Vernon Blvd, the main drag of Long Island City, for filming. They even closed down beloved date-night Italian joint Testaccio for a scene. Better be worth it, we were hungry!

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We live and breathe the Real Housewives and everything else Bravo here, so getting to see Andy Cohen in the flesh is pretty dang exciting. Social Media Manager Emily Kanoff spotted Andy strolling in the West Village with his bestie Bruce Bozzi. Andy was wearing a Cardinals shirt—he’s such a huge fan of the team that he named his new puppy after their pitcher!

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Video Editor Lea Palmieri filmed a new video with the boys of Million Dollar Listing, where she asked them to chat about different celeb real estate sales. For one of the names she threw out, the boys had some shade to throw: “Can we talk about someone relevant?” Can you guess who that might be?



Our LA-based writer Kelly Bryant had the mother of all interactions with the mother of all dance teachers. She saw Abby Lee MIiller from Dance Moms at the bank, where one of Kelly’s two sons was enjoying a lollipop. Abby stirred up some sibling drama by asking Kelly’s younger son, “Where’s your candy, kid?” Seriously. She’s a great dance teacher and an equal-opportunity candy fan.

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Entertainment Editor Haley Longman attended an iHeartRadio concert for Fifth Harmony and Cody Simpson. Aside from singing along happily to Fifthy Harmony’s “Miss Movin’ On,” she spotted member Camilla heading to the bathroom with her publicist. The team that pees together gets famous together.

Lastly, I hit the red carpet for a screening of Us & Them, the new FOX romantic comedy show with Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter. I’m pleased to report that the two leads were just darling to talk to, and that I’m not the only one who freaks out in the presence of Rory Gilmore. The second she stepped out the car, the entire sidewalk and all of the other journalists fell silent and held their breaths as she walked by!



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