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OK! Movie Mania: The 9 Hottest Movie Superheroes—In Uniform

Credit: Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate

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As we celebrate Man of Steel's release tomorrow, aka the day that Henry Cavill becomes available to gawk at in 3D, we must not forget other  hot superheroes who paved the way for Henry to play Superman. 

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From Andrew Garfield as Spidey to Ryan Reynolds as a super sexy Green Lantern, check out our gallery below, which should basically be titled hot famous rich dudes in spandex. There's one girl in there too who is super deserving to be on our list. Any guesses?

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Man of Steel comes out tomorrow, June 14! Who's your favorite on-screen superhero? Which guy looks the hottest in his suit? Tweet us @OKMagazine!