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OK! Movie Mania: A Gorgeous Gallery of 'Great Gatsby' To Get You Excited For The Movie

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If there's one thing we know about The Great Gatsby, which is finally getting released this Friday, May 10 (!!!), it's that this movie is going to be a spectacle. It's kinda hard not to be beautiful when the film revolves around rich people in the 1920's and said rich people are Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan though, you know?

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To get you excited for the film, which, of course, is part of our OK! Movie Mania summer blockbuster package, scroll through the gorgeous movie stills below of Jay, Daisy, Nick, and more. Then, come back to all week for more amazing content around the most anticipated film of the summer, including our review of the film. We've got tons planned, so stay tuned!

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