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Courtesy of redditCourtesy of reddit
Ready, Set, Reddit: Friday, August 16th!
Here’s the best stuff on the front page of the internet today: This is how Mars would look if it still had water: [r/pics] Fireflies in Japanase forest: [r/pics] Another reason Ashton Kutcher was born to play Steve Jobs: [r/funny] Here’s a 22-year old ketchup packet — click at your own risk! [r/pics] This tiny bird has excitement Read More
OK! Movie Mania: Can You Guess Which Movie Trailer Is the First Ever on Instagram?
Now that video is available on Instagram, it’s only logical that Hollywood would quickly find a way to take advantage of the social media tool. OK! Movie Mania: Get All the Details on the 50 Shades of Grey Film! The honor of posting the first trailer ever on Instagram appropriately goes to the upcoming film Read More