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Pregnant & Dating

OK! Exclusive: Watch Kiesha Miles Hit It Off With Her Hot Date on Tonight's Episode of...
If you've been watching this season of Pregnant & Dating, you know that for the ladies on the show, finding a guy that they actually like—and that is willing to accept the fact that they're preggers—is not exactly easy. But on tonight's episode, Kiesha Miles seems to have found a winner! OK! Exclusive: Pregnant & Read More
OK! Exclusive: 'Pregnant and Dating's Megan Aballi Reveals Why Her Show Is More Realis...
Tonight is the huge series premiere of Pregnant & Dating, guys! Excited yet? If yesterday's interview with cast member Kiesha Miles wasn't enough, we've got more where that came from. Today, we talked to Megan Aballi, another lady on the show, who got pregnant during a drunken Taco Tuesday with a much-older guy named Anthony. Read More
OK! Exclusive: 'Pregnant & Dating's Kiesha Miles Dishes On Her Favorite Shows Abo...
We write about Teen Mom, we write about the OB GYNs on Married to Medicine and we write about 16 & Pregnant, so obviously, we are going to write about Pregnant & Dating. It's the new show premiering tomorrow on WE tv that's about knocked up ladies who are no longer with their baby daddies Read More
Watch a Brand New Trailer for Summer's Reality Show, 'Pregnant & Dating'
We are gearing up for next week's premiere of Pregnant & Dating, and WE are psyched. Get it? We emphasized WE cause the show is on WE? Anywho, check out this extended trailer of the show above, where we get a bit more insight into the personal lives of the five ladies who are preggers Read More
First Look At Summer's New Reality Show, 'Pregnant & Dating'
Hearing the news about the new reality show coming this summer to WE called Pregnant & Dating was basically music to my ears. I clearly haven't been shy about my love for all things pregnancy and pop culture related (hence this slideshow on teen pregnancy in pop culture), so you can count me as one Read More
'Pregnant & Dating': Why I'm Actually Excited For This Wacky New Reality Show
You'd think that producers of reality TV shows have exhausted their minds when it comes to coming up with new ideas for reality shows. I mean, these days we have TV shows about overweight toddler pageant queens and people who are obsessed with eating the cushions from their couches, so…yeah. But nope, just when we Read More