Tonight is the huge series premiere of Pregnant & Dating, guys! Excited yet? If yesterday's interview with cast member Kiesha Miles wasn't enough, we've got more where that came from. Today, we talked to Megan Aballi, another lady on the show, who got pregnant during a drunken Taco Tuesday with a much-older guy named Anthony.

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See what Megan told us about why her dating experience while pregnant wasn't terrible, where things stand with Anthony now, and why this show is way better than Teen Mom (her words, not ours!). Read below…

OK!: Congrats on the show! Do you consider yourself a reality star yet?
Megan Aballi
: I think it is still a weird concept to me. Once the show airs tonight, it will be really fun to be able to watch the show and see what happens. 

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OK!: Are you into any other reality TV shows?
: I love The Voice, and I love The X Factor. I know that’s not necessarily reality, but—I like the Kardashians and what else? I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of time for reality TV right now.  I have a one month old baby.

OK!: Are you into any other shows about pregnancy? What do you think of Teen Mom?
: I used to watch Teen Mom a few years back, and that was entertaining. But I was really happy to hear that this show is not like Teen Mom, and it is more successful women and it shows them in a different light. I was happy to find that out.


OK!: What was filming like for you? Was it fun or stressful?
MA: I think it was fun. Because I was in my second trimester, I looked great, I felt great, and it was just really fun and easy. The crew was awesome and easy to work with, and they fed me and took good care of me. Had I filmed in my third trimester at the very end? I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. But during the filming, it was right in the middle.

OK!: What was your dating experience like on the show, generally speaking?
: Nothing terrible happened. I never had been on blind dates before, so this was something new to me. I took it as a light, fun experience and used it more as having fun and possibly ending up as being friends if not a love connection. I think if you don’t take it too seriously, you can have fun even if it’s not the right guy. You can just laugh at it, and it ended up being good stories to tell my girlfriends later.

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OK!: One of your lines in the trailer is that you get hit on more while pregnant. Can you give us a specific example of that happening?
: I got hit on a lot when I was pregnant! I guess one example is, I was at dinner with my girlfriends, and they are both single, and somebody approached me with a belly and not them and we all laughed about it. 

OK!: What is the situation now with you and your daughter's father, Anthony? There's a bit of tension between you two in the first episode.
: Yeah, so as of now, he is being really supportive and he is definitely involved in my daughter’s life. He sees her about once a week. I think that’s the most important to me because it’s best for her that he’s involved. 

OK!: By the end of the season, will viewers find out if you and the other ladies have found love or not?
: Yes. I think you should be able to see pictures of the babies and how everything worked out for everybody.

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