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Taylor Hanson

Brother Bands Collide! Hanson and the Jonas Brothers Perform at The O Music Awards in ...
It was brother band mania at the O Music Awards last night in NYC, and Hanson and the Jonas Brothers embraced their striking similarities via social media.  After performing during the 24-hour, live music fest, the two sets of bros met up in the dressing room and posted a hilarious video on Vine. As lovers of all boy bands both past and Read More
Zac Hanson Has a Baby on the Way! You'll Never Guess How Many Hanson Kids There Are No...
The Hanson brothers—adorable, talented, perpetually 13 years old in our hearts. Right? Well, you can continue to operate under that blissful idea, or you can keep reading. I'm so sorry to have to do this to you. OK! Exclusive: Hanson spills to OK! about the tough side of raising kids. Isaac, 32, Taylor, 30, and Read More
OK! Old School: Happy Birthday To Our 90's Crush, Taylor Hanson!
Go sit down. Are you sitting down? Because we are about to drop a bomb on you. Today, Taylor Hanson turns 30. Thirty years old! It seems like just yesterday he was 14 and singing "Mmmbop," but now the middle Hanson brother is the big 3-0. Time sure flies, doesn't it. Photos: Happy Birthday to Read More