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The Croods

20th Century Fox20th Century Fox
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of 'The Croods'
Pretty much the best moment ever of the last few weeks was when we got to attend the press conference for The Croods and hang out for a bit with the movie's stars, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Nicolas …
Splash News
EXCLUSIVE! What It Was Like to Be in the Same Room as Emma Stone and Ryan Reynold...
Thursday, March 7 was a cold, snowy day in NYC, but NOTHING was going to stop me from going all the way uptown for a chance to stare, uh, I mean, hang out with Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone at …
OK! Hottie of the Day: Ryan Reynolds
Another day, another celeb hottie for us to ogle over. Not a bad way to start off this Friday, eh? Today's Hottie of the Day honor goes to Ryan Reynolds. This pic of him was taken in London yesterday …