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Horoscopes: What's in Your Stars?

May 24
Today’s celeb birthdays
1941: Bob Dylan (70)
1945: Priscilla Presley (66)
1965: John C. Reilly (46)

Travel could be tedious or tiring this morning, Gemini, so be patient if you’re on the road. And if you’re worried about being late, there’s a good chance no-one will notice! But do watch out for mistakes, especially if you’re dealing with booking forms, or with legal or written work. Call me to hear which are the best days to make travel arrangements.

Trying to make contact with people after 8.45 this morning may be frustrating. Colleagues, customers, clients simply aren’t where they’re supposed to be and phones ring unanswered. Expect meetings to be delayed, cancelled or rescheduled. Matters pick up steam early afternoon. Call me to hear when best to make those social or shopping arrangements.

This is a day to double check facts, figures and instructions as it seems that information is shrouded in fog. Keep your eye on the ball this morning. Chances are you could mislay a possession, leave an important file on the train or forget to lock your front door. Call me to hear which are the most favorable days for dealing with officials or the boss.

Feeling wistful, Cancer, unsure of how things are going, in a state of limbo perhaps? Be assured this is only a temporary turn of mind. Times they are a-changing and what is needed now is to think beyond the present and to look forward to new horizons. Call me to hear when best to deal with business or financial affairs.

Keep all financial dealings transparent today, Leo. Check your change if you’re shopping and make sure whatever you’re buying is authentic – especially if you’re shopping online. Contracts? Wait until this afternoon to sign any agreements, and read the fine print carefully. Call me to hear which is the best day to discuss partnerships and money.

Don’t overexert yourself today, Virgo. There’s a strong chance that you may have taken on too much or trying to fit in more into your day than is humanely possible. Healthcare appointments? Wait until this afternoon. The morning hours are prone to cancellation. Call me to hear when to make those healthcare appointments.

There’s a lot of confusion around this morning, Libra, and nothing much gets underway until after lunch. If you’re planning on booking tickets, whether for travel or other events, wait until after 1.30pm. Spend time on healthcare today. Give pets an extra cuddle. Call me to hear when to make that special date.

You’re in a creative mood and want to spend time on a hobby or to progress a special project. You may find, however, that things just don’t gel this morning. They will, though, after lunch when you should be able to make better headway. Keep an eye on youngsters. Call me to hear when to make that special purchase.

It’s likely to be a slow start to the day for you, Sagittarius, with much of the action taking place at home. That’s where you want to pour your energies today, bringing in a touch of glamour. But if you have domestic purchases in mind, wait until early afternoon before you buy. Call me to hear when to progress a property plan.

There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip today, Capricorn – beware! Chances are, an appointment gets missed or has to be rescheduled. Keep checking your diary or PDA as something is likely to slip your mind. Call or visit friends or loved ones this afternoon. Call me to hear when best to deal with a financial matter.

You may have some domestic expenses in mind. Certainly, your home is a hive of activity these days so there’s a good chance you’re shelling out on your nest. If so, put off shopping until this afternoon. Youngsters may be challenging this evening. Be prepared! Call me to hear when your confidence is at its best.

Chances are you’re not feeling on top form this morning, Pisces. You’re unlikely to be missed if you go in late or take the morning off altogether. However, keep lies of communication open and stay in touch. Moods and matters change early afternoon. But a family concern grows. Call me to hear when to make your mark.

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