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Horoscopes: What's in Your Stars?

July 20
Today’s celeb birthdays
1947: Carlos Santana (62)
1971: Sandra Oh (40)
1973: Omar Epps (38)
1980: Gisele Bundchen (31)
1988: Julianne Hough (23)

If you need to reach people on the quiet call, email or text before lunch. Conduct private research in the afternoon, especially if you want to keep what you’re doing a secret. Early evening brings fresh energy. Late evening is full of surprises. Expect the unexpected then! Call me to hear when to make that special hot date.

Give whatever joint project you have on the go your full concentration this morning. By lunch time, there’s a good chance that people will disappear and you could be left holding the baby. Take time out late afternoon and rest. A brainwave this evening gives new life to an old idea. Call me to hear when a family gathering makes you feel good.

Keep working on those budgets, accounts or audits through the morning but finish off at lunch time. Avoid shopping, placing orders or signing contracts this afternoon – it will be more hassle than it’s worth. Coincidences? Think of a friend and you could bump into them this evening. Call me to hear when you turn that important corner.

Finalize travel arrangements this morning and deal with matters farther afield. Reach out online, advertise and get your message out there before midday. Whatever the boss agrees to this afternoon don’t hold your breath – it may never materialize. Evening developments, though, are fantastic. Call me to hear when to make that special purchase.

Put those final touches to your financial computations and draw a line at midday. After that, spend the afternoon on quiet research. An idea that strikes you later on this evening may sound far-fetched, but it could be just what you need to put yourself on the map. Call me to hear when to make that new start.

Deal with finances today, Virgo. Update policies, pay bills, get paperwork up-to-date. If buying or investing, however, get all transactions completed by lunchtime. Need to boost efficiency at work? Be experimental: try out new organizational systems or give new software a whirl. Call me to hear when to start that secret mission.

You’re still focused on your work and taking the lead with great presence and command. This morning favors all meetings with authority figures, interviews, auditions or demonstrations of all kinds. If you can’t finalize matters by midday, postpone until after 5.30pm or wait until tomorrow. Call me to hear when to join that club.

Romance, fun projects and children’s affairs all come until happy stars this morning. If you’re travelling, get all arrangements done and dusted by lunchtime and then you’ll have the afternoon free to explore, experiment and excite. Try a new recipe or different cuisine tonight. Call me to hear when to successfully tackle that official problem.

Work connected with domestic affairs, family matters, civic or environmental issues should go well this morning. So, too, will financial or budgetary affairs, especially if joint assets are involved. Leave the afternoon free for creative projects, leisure pursuits and clever ideas. Call me to hear when to pitch for success.

It’s a busy morning filled with meetings and greetings, news and correspondence. Wrap up all officials dealings by midday to benefit from the best of the trends. After that, turn your attention to home and family matters. Buying or selling property? Not much will come of negotiations this afternoon. Call me to hear when to make that investment.

Fit in shopping, place orders and make arrangements this morning and get all financial and business tasks out of the way before lunchtime. That will free you for the unexpected developments or unusual activities that are likely to crop up and need your involvement later in the day. Call me to hear when to make that good impression.

If you’re taking a chance on luck, the stars warn that good fortune is thin on the ground this afternoon. The morning hours, however, are much more promising, so you could try your hand, then. Going out after lunch? It could prove expensive. Keep an eye on valuables – and children – then. Call me to hear when to make a start on that new job.

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