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Kanye West's Entire New Album Just Leaked And Of Course It Includes a Song About Kris Humphries

Kanye West's new album, Yeezus, isn't supposed to come out until Tuesday, but leave it to the internet to leak it early. All the tracks are now floating out somewhere in cyberspace, but the only song we really care about upon first listen is "Blood On The Leaves.' Wanna know why? Because it's about Kim Kardashian's ex husband, Kris Humphries.

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We just listened to the track (which is about 5 minutes long and is number 7 on the album), and there's definitely some mentions of lawyers and "trying to destroy us" in there. But then, at about the 3 minute mark, Kanye does a little solo rap thing where some of the lyrics are this:

I'm on my second string bitches
Trying to get a baby. Trying to get a baby. Now you talking crazy.
I don't give a damn if you used to talk to Jay Z
He aint with you  he with Beyonce, you need to stop acting lazy.
He just wanna see that ass in reverse
$2,000 dollar bag with no cash in your purse
Now you're sitting courtside wifey on the other side
Gotta keep 'em separated I call them apartheid.
Then she said she pregnant and that's the night your heart died.
All that alimony. Yeah she got ya homie.
Till death do ya part. Unholy matrimony.

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This is about Kris Humphries for so many reasons. Firstly, Kris is a second string player on the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, meaning he's not one of the team's best. The ode to Jay-Z and Beyonce refers to the power couple once owning a part of the Nets' stake when they were stationed in New Jersey last season. And the rest? Well, that's clearly talking about Kim getting pregnant and how now, Kris is going to be paying her alimony in the divorce settlement for the rest of his life, basically. Intense! We'll have to give the rest of an album a listen and get back to you on if there's even more songs taking a jab at Kim's ex.

Here's Kanye performing the song live, in case you wanna know what it sounds like. Studio version coming to YouTube soon, we're sure:

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Yeezus hits stores and iTunes officially next Tuesday, June 18! What do you think of the lyrics to Blood on the Leaves? Excited to hear the rest of the album? Tweet us @OKMagazine!