As the custody war between Britney Spears and her ex-hubby Kevin Federline heads into the final stretch, the lawyer for the beleaguered pop star had originally told OK! that her client would not be in court today, but sources now say that the pop star is en route to the courthouse — and that the incident-prone singer nearly crashed her car while blowing through an intersection! Following the near-accident, Brit-Brit changed directions and appeared to be heading home.

Given Britney’s penchant for off-the-wall behavior, one would expect she’d be a difficult client for any lawyer, but apparently not so. “No, not by a long shot,” Anne Kiley, legal eagle for the mother of two told OK! on her way into the courthouse Monday morning.

Around 9 a.m. PT, lawyers for both sides entered into a closed door hearing. Reps from the drug testing lab are in attendance, as are folks from the L.A. County Department of Child & Family Services.

Back in open court, Douglas Hunter, attorney for Department of Child & Family Services, has asked to see a full report on Brit’s parenting skills, having so far only seen a redacted version with sections blacked out. Lawyers for the pop star are arguing back that the Department shouldn’t see the unedited version because it could then be circulated throughout the Department’s “huge bureaucracy,” almost guaranteeing a leak of information.

Court is currently taking a break. Insiders say that some decisions have already been handed down and will be announced soon.

Private investigator John Nazarian, who has been hired by Britney’s legal team to investigate Kevin, has apparently given his testimony already, having just left the courthouse in a stretch limo, but not before posing for the awaiting photographers.

During another break in the action, OK! caught up with K-Fed’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, who revealed that “no settlement offer is on the table.” Kaplan also admitted to OK! that the media has made his job easier in this case. “If I was to hire an investigator on this case it would cost me a fortune,” he explained. “But all I have to do is collect media reports to know about traffic lights and stop signs.”

As proceedings wrapped up for the day, lawyers for both sides were characteristically quiet as they exited the courthouse. However, the court’s press officer revealed that there were three decisions handed down by the judge, though he would only say what the topics of these decisions were, and nothing about the actual rulings.

The first decision was in regard to the Dept. of Children & Family Services’ petition for the unedited report on Britney’s parenting abilities. When the minutes of the hearing are released tomorrow, it might be revealed whether or not the Dept. was granted full access.

The second was about modifications in the visitation schedule for the upcoming holiday period, which has been “significantly modified.” It is believed that the court has likely allowed Britney extra days to spend with the boys, perhaps even allowing her to take them out of town for a short time.

The third ruling remains a mystery, with the court press officer saying only that he “couldn’t discuss” it. However, insiders believe this ruling is likely tied to either Brit’s reportedly positive drug tests, or her rather public driving incidents.

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