With recent photos of Ashlee Simpson looking ready to pop, her big sis, Jessica Simpson, revealed on Monday’s taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show that her pregnant sister may have to be induced.

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"They’re going to have to. It’s already developing really quick," Jess said, adding that Ashlee has been experimenting with different ways of starting labor. "Different foot massages and stuff. I don’t know. I think she’s really just jumping around trying everything right now," Jessica told Ellen.

Ashlee’s hubby, Pete Wentz, who revealed two weeks ago that his wife was due at any moment, spoke to MTV‘s TRL about the frenzy during the show’s finale on Sunday.

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"Nothing’s happened yet, contrary to what the internet tells you," he said, adding that he’s been preparing for the impending birth with a little movie marathon. "I went down to Chinatown and got a bootleg copy of the Twilight movie," he said. "I’ve already watched it 72 times!"

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