Between wedding preparations, a pregnant fiancée and a busy shooting schedule for his hit TV show, ER’s Mekhi Phifer certainly has his work cut out for him the next few months.

“She a beautiful woman," the 32-year-old actor gushes to OK! about his fiancée, Oni Souratha, who is due to give birth to their first child, a boy, together, in November — Mekhi has a son from a previous relationship with actress Malinda Williams. “We’re engaged now and we’ll get married some time after the baby is born.”

This being his second go at fatherhood, the handsome actor tells OK! he’s well-prepared. “I know what it takes and I’m looking forward to it,” he explains to OK!. “I have to be right there. With my first son I cut his umbilical cord and everything, so I’m a hands-on father, to say the least.”

By Jon Warech

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