If your wife makes you promise not to say "anything crummy" about her while you’re being interviewed by Howard Stern, she probably also means, "Don’t dish on our sex life." Too late for Ashlee Simpson, however, as her hubby Pete Wentz offered up a plethora of personal info on the shock jock’s Sirius/XM show this morning. 


"We have an amazing sex life," he says of his blushing bride and new mother to Bronx Mowgli. "Texas girls are fun."


Speaking of fun, Pete goes into even more detail about the couples’ intimate moments, including the first time they hooked up.


"It was the single best sexual encounter I’ve ever had," he admits. "We were in the Soho Grand Hotel, and there was a mirror, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re banging the girl of your dreams and you’re watching it right now.’ "


As for past conquests, including Michelle Trachtenberg, Pete tried to rein himself in.


"My wife will murder me if I go on the scale," he said when asked to rate Michelle’s bedroom skills. "I will say that Michelle was a blast. My wife is the ultimate, though."

Aww, how cute?


One bundle of joy that resulted from the couples’ apparently healthy sex life is Bronx, pictures of whom Pete and Ashlee won’t be selling off anytime soon.


"At this point, it was not the right decision for us to go out and pimp our baby in that way," he says. "That’s not to say that the world’s not going to see the baby… or fans aren’t going to see the baby, but he’s not a commodity." 

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