While Pete Wentz would have loved to have his two-month-old son Bronx Mowgli with him in Washington, D.C. earlier this week for the inauguration or Barack Obama, the frigid temperatures — as low as 8 degrees! — in our nation’s capitol had the new dad and his wife, Ashlee Simpson, thinking more about the tot’s well-being.

“We decided we didn’t want to turn him into an ice cube quite yet,” the Fall Out Boy bassist told OK! at the Huffington Post Pre-Inaugural Ball. “It’s a little cold here.”

And though Ashlee hails from George W. Bush’s home state of Texas, Pete said they’re  all about Obama and he’s confident that the new president will deliver the goods.

“I think once you get him in the pilot’s chair he’s going to be fine,” the 29-year-old explained. “I was just really hoping that he made it here. I think he has a pretty big, not necessarily fiscal deficit, but that’s part of it, but just a deficit that Americans have kind of been sitting in with hope and with ideas and with foreign policy. He’s got to get us out of that and I think he’s the guy to do it.”

Pete and his Fallout Boy bandmates were part of the inaugural festivities — easily the most star-studded presidential housewarming in history — when they played at the MTV and ServiceNation’s "Be The Change: Live From The Inaugural Ball."

But even with all the partying, the inauguration was probably a restful time for the proud pop, who said he and Ashlee haven’t exactly gotten used to the late-night demands of a newborn.

“Come on, would we be sleeping only eight weeks in?” he asked.

And although baby Bronx won’t be able to say he was in D.C. to witness history, he’ll have his dad to tell him all about it. “I think I’ll explain it to him many years from now and maybe he’ll believe his dad was here.”

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By Laura Lane

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