He’s my Dr. McDreamy! Lisa Ling gushes to OK! about her fiance, oncologist Paul Song. ‘Honestly, getting married has never been this little girl fantasy of mine but I really met an amazing guy who, for the first time, I’m excited to marry.’The former View co-host, who now presents the Oxygen network documentary series Who Cares About Girls?, a hard-hitting look at how the world treats young women, hasn’t set a wedding date. ‘If it were exclusively up to me, I would just elope to Vegas but I have feeling it’s going to be slightly more of a production.’ Lisa, also a globetrotting correspondent for the National Geographic Channel, hopes to honeymoon in Cuba.Lisa, 33, met Paul, 41, a doctor at Chicago’s Little Company of Mary Hospital, ‘through a mutual friend who said ëyou have to meet him ëcause you’re going to marry him.’ When someone says that to you, you want to at least see what they look like.’It turned out Paul was just her type: ‘He’s a tall drink of water.’ Lisa is now wearing two simple bands. ‘I made him promise not to get me a diamond. I don’t want to sound like a total idealist nerd, but I can’t stand how girls are constantly sizing each other up by the size of their ring and guys are trying to prove something by the size of the ring they give their fiancé. For me, it’s SO not about that.’ Meanwhile, Lisa is also happy with her career. When asked if she has any regrets about leaving The View, which has recently hit the headlines with the Rosie O’Donnell/Donald Trump feud, Lisa laughed, ‘not these days!’

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