Singing superstar Mariah Carey has been dogged for most of her career for her up-and-down weight, but there’s nothing bad you can say about the Mimi that graces the the cover of VIBE Magazine’s June 2008 issue, which hits newsstands Tuesday. 

The steamy photos (scroll down for the full cover image) were shot on-location on Eagle’s Landing, a private Caribbean island off the coast of Antigua where VIBE joined Mariah for her lavish 38th birthday celebration, only weeks before her surprise wedding to 27-year-old actor and comedian Nick Cannon

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In fact, during the accompanying article, which details the diva’s deluxe birthday preparations, Nick, who at the time was just seen as a friendly acquaintance, occasionally floats in and out of the scene, as "hairstylists, fashion assistants, photographers, and makeup artists race around the open-air bungalow each on their own mission to please."

To check out the entire shoot and story, pick up the new issue of VIBE when it hits stands tomorrow.

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