News flash: That bag of barbecue chips (and your clear stress eating case) isn’t going to help you demolish your to-do list. Nope, not in the least bit. What it will do? Well, it’s a productive way to quickly diverge from your weight loss plan—and who really wants to do that?

While stress eating at work is lingering a problem for many, there are, in fact, a few tricks that will help you kick that habit to the curb for good. How? It has to do with relieving that built up tension in a zero-calorie form. Follow OK!’s Bangin’ Bods celeb trainer Jay Cardiello’s top three tips below!

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1. Change Your Screensaver
If you’re staring at your computer all day long, you might as well make the background something you like! Jay says to change the standard stars and solid-color screensaver to a picture of a vacation you took or a snapshot of one of your kids. “Change it to things that make you happy and decrease stress levels,” he explains.

2. Make Phone Calls a Happier Experience
As much as you love texting and taking selfies, your phone can be the source of a TON of stress. Make sure you change the background of your phone, too. It’ll help you answer the phone in a pleasant fashion. “Make your background a smiley face or something. It may seem cheesy, but if you put a picture of your child as the wallpaper, it can lead you to a happier phone call.”

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3. Don’t Leave Snacks in Your Drawers
We know, we know. You get hungry at 3:30 p.m—and lunchtime is long gone. But here’s the thing: a well-stocked snack drawer just leads to a major calorie fest. No, thank you! “What happens is that we bring our snacks to the office, leave them there, and then we create our ‘candy drawer’ or ‘snack drawer.'” Jay says this is a major no-go, and you should just bring fresh (and healthy!) snacks every day.

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