Mean Girls turns 10 years old this week! Pretty crazy, right? Do you remember where you were when the film came out, or how you saw it for the first time? In honor of the anniversary, it only seemed appropriate to check out some of the other startling figures from the film.

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0… Movies Tina Fey has written since Mean Girls. You’re killing us, girl.

0… Movies Amanda Seyfried had made before Mean Girls.

1… Songs on the soundtrack by Lindsay Lohan’s future girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

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2… Movies Rachel McAdams went in to star in about love and time travel.

2… Times Linday Lohan has posed nude in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired shoot for a magazine (New York and Playboy).

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3… MTV Movie Awards won by Mean Girls, including “Best On-Screen Team.”

4… Saturday Night Live alums in the film (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Tim Meadows, Ana Gasteyer)

4… Candy canes given to Glen Coco. You go Glen Coco.

5… Times Lindsay Lohan has entered rehab since the movie was released.


5… Times “fetch” appears in the screenplay.

7… Years different in age between Rachel McAdams and Amy Poehler, who played her mother in the film.

11… Improbable pieces of plastic tiara Cady Heron throws into the crowd during the spring fling scene.

56… Days between the release of Mean Girls and The Notebook, Rachel McAdams’ other iconic movie in 2004.

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76… Number of movies the four lead actresses have made since Mean Girls.

$17,000,000…. The budget of the movie.

$24,432,195… The opening weekend’s box office. The movie’s biggest competition that week? The Laws of Attraction, starring Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore. Ehhhh. But 13 Going on 30 was also in theaters that weekend!

$129,042,871 … The movie’s worldwide gross.

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