It's totally normal for a mom to bawl when her child's nanny goes on vacation… right? Well, that's the reaction Emily had on Lifetime's Pretty Wicked Moms last night.  You never know what Emily and her BFF Nicole N. are going to say next and that's why this show is so amazing!

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Here's a few of their best (or worst?) lines of the nights:

Emily trying to take care of her daughter after the nanny leaves for vacation: What does she eat? I forgot to ask Miriam what to feed her!

Nicole asking if she can give two-year-old Amzie a treat: Can she eat lollipops?
Emily: Yeah, like that kind of sugar is fine.

Emily on her decision to let Amzie drink Coke: I mean I have lived on sugar my entire life. That's why I'm so sweet!


Emily's reposonse to her father telling her that marriage is hard work: How much work? I already got a job!

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Emily on sleeping in bed alone with her husband for the first time since their daughter was born: I felt like I was going on a first date. It was awkward!

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