Let’s cut to the chase—tonight’s a good night for television. Here’s what to watch, when, where and why tonight…

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Grey’s Anatomy. 9pm on ABC. Callie gets slammed with a lawsuit (and a visit from her dad) on tonight’s episode. First a cheating wife, now this? Girl just can’t catch a break.

The Real Housewives of Miami. 9pm on Bravo. RHOM is switching to Thursday this week, because Bravo probably knew that we wouldn’t wait until Monday to watch part 2. More Lea/Marysol drama? Yes please.

Miami Monkey. 10pm on Vh1. In the season finale, someone miiight be getting fired. And it’s also getting romantic. Watch an exclusive clip from the finale of Cristina and Nate right HERE!

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Million Dollar Shoppers. 10pm on Lifetime. Season 1 wraps tonight with a celebrity looking for hte perfect outfit for her launch party. Let’s hope this gem returns next year for season 2!

Ground Floor. 10pm on TBS. The hottie from Pitch Perfect (aka Skylar Astin) debuts his new sitcom tonight, where he plays a banker who has a one night stand with Briga Heelan’s Jenny, a maitenance worker…and both kind of enjoy it.

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