By now you’ve heard that Robin Williams is potentially bringing Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire to the big screen once again. While it most likely won’t include any scenes from a little Mara Wilson (she didn’t seem too interested in the idea when she tweeted about the film a few days ago) Robin Williams will probably make it hilarious, and hopefully, he’ll show off some new dance moves while vacuuming Sally Field’s living room floors.

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On the chance you are psyched for this 90s movie revival, you’ll want to study up on some unknown Mrs. Doubtfire facts. put together a round up of some of the most interesting pop culture tidbits out there for you to memorize.

Shall we begin?

1. While Mrs. Doubtfire is a fictitious person, apparently Robin Williams based her off of a nanny he had growing up!

2. When Robin Williams sits down in the makeup char in the film, it takes a couple minutes to get the “Mrs. Doubtfire look.” In reality, the transformation took five hours each day. FIVE!

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