Amanda Bynes got arrested late last night for throwing a bong out her window, and this AM, she showed up to court looking like a hot mess. She was wearing the same sweatpants, tee shirt, and terrible blonde Barbie wig that she wore the night of the arrest. No. Just no, Amanda. Take a pointer from court-going experts Jenelle Evans and Lindsay Lohan. Yes, even they can teach her a thing or two. Like…

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Always bring a change of shoes. Flip flops are never appropriate in the court room, so always have a good ol' pair of backups on the ready in the backseat.

But make sure the shoes you choose are comfy. You never want the paparazzi to catch you like this:

Always have outfit options. LiLo wore two outfits in one day to a court appearance in 2011, and that got people talking about her clothing choices instead of her misdemeanors. So brilliant.

Bring a friend with you. Or a boyfriend. You always need moral support in these situations. And of course, always wear your finest from Victoria's Secret, but that's a given.

No friend or boyfriends available that day? Bring your mom, especially if her name is Dina Lohan.

Make sure the entire process is being recorded, either on your own personal flip cam, the paparazzi, or by a TV crew. That way you can relive the moment forever!

Look happy. Even if the verdict is not so good, walking out with a smile can tease the press into thinking you're off the hook. Worked like a charm for Lindsay, no?

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