On May 20, Jenelle Evans missed her court hearing. Then, she turned herself into jail for a few hours because she knew she was going to get busted anyway. But what happened? Did Jenelle just forget? Was she under the influence and unable to attend? Was she at a Ke$ha concert? These are all serious questions.

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So, Jenelle took to her personal blog (which we didn't even know she had, so you learn something new every day) to address the issue. She titled the entry "Court Issue LOL," so there's that. Read her full entry here.


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But we'll sum it up for you. Jenelle writes that she was away with Babs and Jace visiting her brother, who lives 6 hours away, when she got a call from Dustin that she was supposed to be in court. Firstly, since when does Jenelle have a brother? Secondly, was there a Ke$ha concert going on in North Carolina on that day? Was that what she was really doing? We all remember that on season three of Teen Mom 2, she couldn't go to jail on a certain day because she had to see her idol in concert, so that's why we make that joke. Sorry if we're being insensitive.

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