Ever wonder which celeb in a Hollywood romance brings home more money? If you’re intrigued by celebrity net worth (or the big bucks of Tinseltown, for that matter) this thought has probably popped into your mind. Your Tango did some fun numerical research and actually rounded up eight females in the entertainment business that make more than their husbands and boyfriends, some of which are musicians, athletes, and directors!

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One to note? Nicole Richie, who’s show Candidly Nicole is now airing on VH1, has a net worth that is more than double her husband Joel Madden’s! It’s reported that Nicole brings home $35 million while Joel Madden’s net worth is around $16 million. Of course, we should note that both of these sums are insanely large.

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Want to know about more female celebs that make more then their men? Jessica Simpson and Anne Hathaway apparently do, too.

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