Olga Kurylenko is the envy of women everywhere!

The actress has now worked with a couple of the entertainment industry's most desirable stars—Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise!

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"Those guys are just great and I admire them as actors, and Ben is also a director and he's very successful as a director," Olga tells E! News.

She also spilled the beans on kissing Ben while filming scenes for To the Wonder. "Yeah, I had to. It's just so awful."

Poor thing.

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Olga goes on to reveal how she felt whenever she was around Tom.

"When Tom is next to you, you feel like you're in good hands and nothing bad is gonna happen to you," she says of her Oblivion co-star. "Certain things can be quite—all those action scenes and when you're dealing with machines and speed and a lot of spinning—could be a bit terrifying but…I look and I thought, 'Tom Cruise is sitting right next to me. Nothing is gonna happen.'"

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