Adrienne Bailon is a woman on the go!

In between hosting The Real and partnering with Pine-Sol to launch their My Clean Moves contest, the actress turned talk show host is still making time for her childhood dreams of becoming a mom and a singer.

Adrienne spoke exclusively to OK! about her plans to have a child and what she’s working on in the music studio.

Check out her interview below!

OK!: Are you working on any music projects currently? Where would you like to see your music career in the next few years?

I’d love love love to do a Latin pop album. I would absolutely love to do that. It would be so much fun! Right now though, I’m working on my husband’s album. We have a few songs together on that and he’s going to be going on tour in the fall, so I’ll be joining him on the weekends. There’s nothing better than being able to work with my husband, it’s just the best.

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OK!: You recently showed off your beautiful home, and mentioned that you would like to turn the guest room into a nursery one day. Are you and your husband, Israel Houghton, making plans to do that soon?

For sure in the future. I know I’ve shared on The Real that I want to be a mom. But, I think people thought like I was getting pregnant that day. But there’s no rush. I want what God wants for me and I’m just enjoying my marriage right now.

OK!: How many kids would you and Israel like to have?

Go for the gusto! I’m down for like a really big family. Israel already has kids and we love them so much. So, just expanding the family would be awesome. I’m not mad at three, four, five [kids]!

OK!: You’ve been so open about expanding your family. Do you ever regret being so open, or feel outside pressure to add to your family sooner rather than later?

People have been saying I’m pregnant since I got married two years ago…I like to think that [people saying that] are people that are hopeful for me and that it’s not insulting in any way. But, I don’t even allow [those comments] to cross my mind in a negative way. So, I feel excited encouraged and I know that [many of those people] are just looking forward to [me having a child]. It’s been two years – it’s a coming.

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