What’s it like to be married AND competing for the Mirror Ball?! Alexa and Carlos PenaVega chat with OK! Magazine about the sense of competitiveness in the home, what motivated them to do Dancing With The Stars, and how much they need to work on their dancing!

OK!Magazine.com: After hearing from the judges tonight what will you be working on for next week?

Alexa PenaVega: “Keeping my hands a little more coordinated and contained. I need to figure out how to channel the energy somewhere else and not be so wild with my hand gestures.”

OK!: Is there a sense of competition in the Vega household?

APV: “Honestly, no. The cutest thing happened while he was performing. A note was handed to me from my husband, just telling me how amazing I am and saying the sweetest thing. He’s my confidence booster and gives me what I need to push through. We work so hard through out the week and we need the encouragement from each other. We are here to have fun!”

OK!: Will you be taking the outfit home from tonight’s performance for your husband?

APV: “You know, these things are really hard to get out of! The costume designers really want you in there – they don’t want anything to pop out on television, so I don’t think he will really enjoy it!”

OK!: Biggest motivation to join the show?

APV: “For us our biggest thing was to be able to shine a light on a happy marriage. Most of what we see in the news is filled with drama and negativity. For us we just want to be loving good people and shine a light in this world. We are excited to share out journey as a couple with our fans.”

Of course, we couldn’t leave out her husband and fellow competitor!

OK!Magazine.com: Will there be strict competition between you and your wife?

Carlos PenaVega: “I’m the competitive one. My wife just wants to see me do well. She was incredible tonight. I think towards the end, if we get to the final two, we will just unleash!”

OK!: What do you hope your fans take away from you and your wife’s participation in the competition?

CPV: “I hope they understand how dedicated we are to working on our dancing. I want them to see me having fun. This is such a cool opportunity and a great place to be able to share love. My wife and I love spreading love around the world. Marriage is such an awesome thing. I feel like there aren’t a ton of positive married couples out there and I hope a big reason why we did this show. I hope we can spark some love in people’s marriages out there and show them that there can still be a spark, but you have to dig for it.”

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