It’s difficult to believe, but along with Robert Pattinson — who’s still trying to convince us that he’s single — a second European vampire hunk is very much unattached.

Swedish dreamboat Alexander Skarsgård, who plays brooding vampire Eric Northman on the HBO hit series True Blood, insists the only women in his life are his mother and his sister.

And—for good measure—the True Blood actor tells that he’s not romancing Kate Bosworth.

“I’m not dating anyone, those are just rumors,” he says. So there are no women in his life? “My mom and my sister,” he deadpans.

Alexander, 33, is looking forward to shooting True Blood‘s season three later this month. So what can we expect in the next steamy installment of the supernatural show?

“There’s a lot of nudity,” he says. “As far as Eric goes, there’s going to be a lot violence and a lot of sex — with women and men! So it should be interesting.”

But Alexander says his love scenes with Anna Paquin (fiancée to his co-star Stephen Moyer), are a breeze.

“I can’t wait to get back to my L.A. family,” he says of the True Blood cast. “I love Stephen, we’re friends and I love Anna. They’re great together. I actually think it makes things easier that way.”

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