Amber Heard may win over Johnny Depp onscreen in The Rum Diary, but offscreen she had to win over director Bruce Robinson to get the role. But Bruce says he knew she was the one right away!

Playboy hosted the New York premiere of FilmDistrict's The Rum Diary last night, and Bruce told OK! he was very pleased with the chemistry onscreen between Johnny and Amber.

"I think it’s a pretty potent dynamic between them onscreen," he explained. "I have no idea offscreen, obviously."

"But she’s a stunning-looking women, you know?" Bruce added about Amber. "An amazing-looking women."

In fact, Bruce had an easy time casting Amber for the part.

"When she used to come into the office when we were casting the film, I used to watch all the guys in the office to see what their reaction was to her," Bruce shared with OK!. "She had to have the part. As a matter of fact, she got the part the first time she walked in the door. I thought, ‘Oh, that’s Amber. The American Dream girl.’ "

But he didn't let Amber know that!

"I made her suffer a bit and keep coming back and running a bit of film on her," he explained. "But she’s wonderful in the movie. You’ll see."

In The Rum Diary, Amber (Chenault) is engaged to Aaron Eckhart (Sanderson) but pursued by Johnny (Paul Kemp).

So, who is better to kiss: Johnny or Aaron?

"Oh, that's impossible," Amber said with a laugh to reporters.

If only we had that problem!

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