It's finally sinking in that Angelina Jolie had a mastectomy. She revealed the news to the public yesterday in the form of a very long, heartfelt letter explaining why. But now? Reports say that Angelina is going to be getting surgery to remove her ovaries, too.

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Angelina's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died of ovarian cancer six years ago, and turns out that Angie is predisposed to the gene that increases your risk of both breast and ovarian cancer. So to prevent anything from happening, she's taking out her ovaries in addition to the mastectomy which she got in February.

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Angelina and Brad Pitt already have six kids together—three adopted, three which she gave birth to—so we guess this means they don't plan on having any more kids the good ol' fashioned way. But the pair does plan to get married soon, once she recovers from all these procedures.

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