It’s been three and a half years since Ashlee Simpson embarrassingly lip-synched her way off the Saturday Night Live stage, and the 23-year-old is still looking for redemption.

“I’d love to do Saturday Night Live again! I feel like last time I went back I conquered it," she tells Extra of her 2005 appearance.

The new redhead may have the opportunity soon as her new album, titled Bittersweet World, is slated to hit stores on April 22.

“I decided to call the record Bittersweet World [because] with the good comes the bad. Sometimes it’s a little bitter at the beginning and you hope it ends up sweet," Ashlee says of the album name. "It was a play on words.”

Things are looking pretty sweet for Ashlee these days, with a new LP and steady boyfriend Pete Wentz in hand, leaving her with little to complain about.

“I have great friends, great family, great boyfriend, great career and great fans," she says. "I have a great mother who I look up to. I do have people that I can lean on and they can get me through it [hard times].”

That definitely includes big sis Jessica, with whom she says — despite constant rumors of a rift — she’s very close to.

"We support whoever each other dates. Anything that makes her happy makes me happy.”

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