In an exclusive interview and photoshoot in the new issue of OK!, Audrina Patridge shares all the juicy details about her life, including her recent ordeal with a stalker. Here, the MTV star opens up about the scary reality of having an obsessed fan and how it’s caused her to change her life.

“That was crazy. I have never ever thought that it would ever come down to that,” Audrina reveals to OK!. “I was kind of ignorant in that sense and now I really have to be cautious with everything that I do.”

And though Audrina’s stalker, Zachary Loring, is restricted by a restraining order, she admits it’s difficult getting back to her old routine.

“I just go to normal places and I do whatever because I am a normal person,” she explains. “But now I kind of have to take precautions, watch my surroundings and always bring a guy with me. Whether it’s my brother or a guy friend.”


One problem with this new system, says Audrina, is that, “I have so many guy friends. And it’s hard because now I go out with my guy friends and automatically people assume it’s my new boyfriend.”


And while she does admit she could use a personal security guard, Audrina, who was also the victim of a recent burglary, hasn’t committed to that idea yet.

“I just feel silly having all of these big security guards around m,” she tells OK!. “I guess it’s something to get used to. Maybe it’s something that I will have to eventually get.”

For all of Audrina’s exclusive interview — including hot new photos and details about her love life — check out the new issue of OK!, on sale everywhere Thursday!

Interview By Patricia Ramos

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