On Monday's season premiere of The Bachelorette25 hunks lined up to win Desiree Hartsock's heart. From a knight in shining armor to a shirtless hottie, we saw it all. Check out our Bachelorette recap below for all the wildest, cutest and craziest moments from night one of Des' journey to find true love.

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4 Most Intriguing Introduction Videos 

Bryden – First up was Bryden, the Iraq war veteran. This cutie not only fought for our country, but proved why he's a total catch. Des, if you don't pick Bryden, can we call dibs?

Nick – Nick caught our attention in his introduction video as he is a tailor by day and a magician by night. Stay tuned to see if he worked his magic on Des!

Zak W. – There's nothing like a hot guy with chiseled abs to make your Monday a little brighter. We learned from Zak's video that he likes to spend his free time on his boat and standing naked on his porch—yes, that really happened.

Mike R. – Why can't our dentist look like Mike? Not only is Mike cute and smart, but his whole family is from London, England! Mike definitely left us wanting to know more.

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7 Wildest Limo Arrivals

Jonathan – Jonathan definitely made a strong first impression on Desiree, but not one he was hoping for. Let's just say, Des did not respond well to his fantasy suite invitation. While Jonathan said the key was supposed to be a lighthearted joke, you'll see later on that things get really uncomfortable. 

Zak W. – Six-packs are a staple on The Bachelorette, but Zak took his to a whole new level by arriving out of the limo shirtless! He also gave our favorite line of the night: “Will you accept these abs?" We say yes please!

Larry – We know Larry meant well, but his attempt at dancing with Desiree definitely didn't go as planned. As he went to dip Des backwards, her dress got caught and almost ripped—oops!

Diogo – Diogo knew Des was looking for her Prince Charming, so he came as her knight in shining armor—literally. 

Chris – It was only night one and Chris already got down on knee! While Des looked shocked, she then giggled after finding out he only wanted to jokingly tie his shoe. 

Micah – Micah kept things colorful as he exited the limo in a bright embellished custom suit. He definitely wins most creative as he designed the ensemble himself!

Ben – Ben's son Brody stole the show after walking hand-in-hand with his dad in a matching suit. After giving Desiree a flower, Brody went back to the limo with his grandma and said, "I wish I could go to the party!" Could he be any cuter?

5 Stand Out Moments From the Cocktail Party

Brandon – First to grab Des for a one-on-one was magician Mike. Their date didn't last long as Des was quickly stolen by Brandon who had a special gift for the bachelorette. What was it? His mom's sobriety coin. After explaining it's importance, he asked Des to keep it until hometown dates where she would then return it to his mom—bold move, but Des seemed impressed by his forwardness.

Ben – After Ben's adorable limo entrance and talk of family values in his one-on-one, Des gave Ben the first rose! We're interested to see how the other contestants react to Des and Ben's instant connection!

Zak – Later on in the evening, shirtless Zak grabbed Des' attention with an impromptu jump in the pool. Des laughed and gave him a rose for his spontaneity.

Juan Pablo – Hottie Juan Pablo then brought Des out to play soccer. While Des was gushing over his sexy accent and athletic skills, the rest of the guys joined in on the game. It was nice to see all the guys playing together and getting along—we'll see how long it lasts!

Jonathan – Next comes the uncomfortable part of the evening—Jonathan's third attempt at getting Des to use his fantasy suite card. Des had already denied him at the limo and in their one-on-one, but Jonathan was eager to try once more. While Jonathan revealed he was only trying to be funny, Des wasn't feeling the joke and sent him home before the rose ceremony.

19 Men Remain

Des followed Sean's lead and handed out 6 roses at the cocktail party—leaving only 13 roses up for grabs. At the end of the ceremony, Larry, Mike R., Nick R., Diogo and Micah were left without roses and were sent home. While America was sad to see them go, fan favorites like Juan Pablo and Brooks were given another week to win Des' heart.

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