So, have you guys heard about Lea Michele‘s solo career? Don’t worry, she’s still continuing on as Rachel Berry on Glee, but 2014 will show the world a whole new side of Lea that we haven’t seen before—pop singer.

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Here’s your very first listen to Lea’s debut single, “Cannonball,” which, truthfully, sounds a bit less pop than I was expecting. Anyone else getting a Celine Dion vibe? That’s not a bad thing. Just saying.

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Lea’s going to perform the song for the first time on Ellen on Thursday, December 12, where I anticipate that she’ll also talk about her upcoming album, Louder, which is available for preorder now on iTunes and officially comes out on March 4, 2014. Listen to “Cannonball” below!

Oh, and here’s the entire tracklisting for “Louder.” Which song do you think is about Cory?

1. Cannonball

2. On My Way

3. Burn with You

4. Battlefield

5. You’re Mine

6. Thousand Needles

7. Louder

8. Cue the Rain

9. Don’t Let Go

10. Empty Handed

11. If You Say So

What do you think of “Cannonball?” Do you prefer Lea singing cover songs or original ones? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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