In a surprise announcement Friday afternoon, Commissioner Reva Goetz announced that the case regarding the conservatorship of singer Britney Spears is now "in a holding pattern," because it is now in the hands of federal court judge to decide who has jurisdiction over these matters.

On Feb. 14, a lawyer named John Eardley filed papers with the court claiming that the current state of the conservatorship, which is managed by Brit’s dad Jamie Spears and court-appointed attorney Andrew Wallet, violates the pop star’s constitutional rights and that both the conservatorship case and her ongoing custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline should be moved into the jurisdiction of a federal court.

On Tuesday, the commissioner in the custody case said earlier this week that that case would stay put and the same decision was expected to come out of Commissioner Goetz’s courtroom today. However, everyone must now wait until Feb. 25, when a federal court will hear the motion and decide whether it should become a federal case or be remanded back to Commissioner Goetz.

Should the case not become a federal matter, the next hearing is scheduled for March 10, where the topic of extending — or possibly making permanent — the conservatorship will be discussed.

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