Britney Spears‘ rollercoaster ride of a year continues. The 2008 comeback kid not only has a hit single and sexy new video, it’s just been announced that she’ll be hitting the road in the spring with her first honest-to-goodness concert tour since 2004!

According to, Brit will take her singing and dancing act out on tour in 2009 in support of her album, Circus, which is slated to hit record stores on her 27th birthday, Dec. 2. No dates for the tour have been announced.

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Assuming all goes well and the concerts actually happen, this will mark the first time Britney has performed a full-fledged concert since her 2004 tour, which brought in a reported $34 million in ticket sales for the pop superstar.

In the summer of 2006, Brit performed a handful of one-off concerts using the fake band name The M&Ms. These shows were widely panned by fans and critics for the singer’s apparent lack of enthusiasm and obvious lip-synching.

The last time Britney performed in public was at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, where a distracted and out-of-shape pop star nearly killed what was left of her then-fading career.

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