When a fit, trim (and, most importantly, coherent) Britney Spears stepped out onto the stage at Madonna‘s early November concert in L.A. last fall, it was the first sign to all of the beleaguered pop star’s many fans that they were in for an honest-to-goodness comeback.

And — at least according to one report out of England — it looks like the Circus superstar and the Material Girl are hoping to try some repeat performances together during Brit’s upcoming world tour.

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The brief article in The Mirror is short on any actual confirmation or details of exactly when fans could expect to see a Madonna and Britney duet, the item does quote a source as saying that, "choreographers have been asked to create an out-of-this-world dance routine for Britney and Madonna… This is going to be a high energy dance routine – getting back to what they are both good at, performing."

Only time will tell if the two superstars can get their busy schedules arranged to make this happen.

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