Well here’s an unlikely pairing: Britney Spears and Nine Inch Nails!


The pop singer and the hard-rock band have reportedly gotten chummy while sharing the same rehearsal space as each prepares for their separate tours.

On Brit’s official blog, NIN frontman Trent Reznor wrote, "I can hear the thumping low end of Britney Spears. It’s been a treat having them here the whole time we’ve been here."

Apparently Brit agrees. The singer’s manager, Adam Leber, says, "Brit has been sharing the same rehearsal space with NIN for the past few weeks and they are getting along famously. Maybe we should ask Trent Reznor to remix Circus?"

Sounds like a double dog dare to us!

Nine Inch Nails definitely isn’t above collaborating outside their music genre. Johnny Cash recorded an amazing cover of the band’s hit song "Hurt" in 2002.



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