The original princess of pop found her way to fame by starting in the Mickey Mouse Club. Years later, as a teen Britney delivered her most famous song, “…Baby One More Time,” which made her everyone’s favorite schoolgirl. With pleated skirts, pigtails, and cropped white shirts, the world became fascinated with Britney’s naughty image. With countless record hits, music videos, and awards, Britney’s life and every step was made public. After a public relationship with superstar Justin Timberlake, her loss of her virginity to him, and a quickie marriage in a Vegas chapel, you can say Britney has had her fair share of oops moments. In 2004, she married dancer Kevin Federline, had two adorable sons, and divorced two years later. The drama didn’t end there. Britney faced some psychological difficulties, and some extreme public behavior that left her with the loss of sanity and custody of her sons. She later made a comeback with her No. 1 album, Circus. Today, Britney continues to tour for her new album, Femme Fatal, and is engaged to her manager. 

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