Watch out, critics: Britney Spears, or someone in her camp, is watching your every move on TV, and if you judge her music, you might end up in one of her music videos.


Turns out the blonde news anchor in the beggining and the end of Brit’s new video for "If You Seek Amy," who blithely pronounces each word of the controversial song title and then adds, "Doesn’t make much sense, does it?" is based word-for-word on a real person.




Megyn Kelly from FOX News reports on the similarity with barely held back glee that despite her disapproval of Brit’s song, she’s the one who inspired the newswoman character. She challenges the Britster to "bring it on."


Who knows if Brit actually watches the channel as Megyn indicates, but someone is definitely keeping an eye on all things Britney!


Watch below:







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