For beleagured pop star Britney Spears, who has lived in the Malibu area for years, has been no stranger to the local Starbucks on Cross Creek Road. So how did the singer manage to get lost on the short drive, forcing herself to make two U-turns?

Brit, looking significantly thinner, but no less out of it than she did during her disastrous VMA performance a month earlier, left her Malibu home late Friday afternoon, pulling her first U-turn about a mile down the road on the Pacific Coast Highway, only to repeat the maneuver almost immediately.

The former Mrs. Kevin Federline parked her car outside the Starbucks and carried her dog into the coffee shop. "The whole time she had this big grin on her face and was talking to photographers," one witness tells OK!. "But what she was saying made no sense!"

Brit explained her erratic driving to one photog by saying she had "got lost," and asking another person on the scene, "How did I get here?"

"She’s been to that particular Starbucks at least 100 times," one local tells OK!. "She was acting like a little girl who had lost her mommy."

And apparently the caffeine jolt from her frappacino didn’t help clear up her senses as Britney got back in her car to drive to the pet store. But, witnesses tell OK!, when she pulled up outside the store, she appeared confused and lost, once again enlisting the help of a photographer.

"She told him she couldn’t remember where she lived and could she follow him back to her house," the witness reveals. "It seemed like she was on another planet." Regardless, the photographer agreed to help, driving in front of Brit for the three-mile journey back to her house.

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