Brooke Mueller‘s attorney has quashed a report that the mom of 10-month-old twins went to rehab for alcohol abuse while pregnant.

Yale Galanter tells E! News the story is, “dead wrong.” He added in a phone interview from Aspen, Colo., “I know that’s not true. I’m very familiar with the situation, and that’s totally not true.

“She was not in rehab for alcohol abuse while pregnant. That never occurred. She’s an incredible mother; it’s amazing to see her with her children.”

Galanter is currently working on lifting the protection order that bans Brooke and her husband Charlie Sheen from contacting each other after their Christmas spat spiraled out of control.

“We would like to have the restraining order dropped, dismissed, done, because we want these people to get on with their lives, and Charlie’s lawyer would like the same thing,” Galanter explained. “We’re asking the judge to get us an expedited hearing.”

Galanter says he expects to find out the date of the hearing by Wednesday afternoon.

“My marching orders are to try and get the entire restraining order lifted. If the judge says ‘I don’t want Mr. Sheen to have a gun, and I don’t want him to act violently,’ that’s all fine with me.”

So, where would the couple be reunited? “I don’t know if he would go to Aspen, or if she would go to Los Angeles,” Galanter said. “It hasn’t been discussed yet.”

Meanwhile, he stresses that “everybody is doing well. I think the babies are doing great, and [Brooke] just wants to get back with her husband. And that’s the bottom line. She really does want to get back with her husband.”

Mueller is currently keeping a low profile in Aspen and will remain in town until her rental lease is up at the end of January while Charlie returns to work filming Two and a Half Men.

Said Galanter: “She wants to stay close to people she’s comfortable with. The only people she’s been out with are her mom and dad, and my wife and I.”

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