The final season of Rob Dyrdek‘s Fantasy Factory premieres tonight on MTV, and nobody is more sad than the cast’s only lady, Chanel West Coast. she? Chanel talked to us about what the end of the show means for her and why from here on out she’ll be focusing on her music. Read on to see what Chanel told us about  being the only girl on Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness, why the shows were a “setback” for her music career, why she’s totally done with reality TV. Uh oh…

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OK!: So congrats on season 6! How does it feel going into the final season?
Chanel West Coast: I mean, we didn’t even think that we were going to have another season so its crazy that MTV came back and was like, “let’s do another one!” It’s kind of sad but also, it’s going to be the best season yet.

OK!: Why do you think it’ll be the best?
CWC: Well obviously Rob always just does even crazier, funnier things. So being that this is the last season I think he wanted to go completely insane (laughs) so it’s just like, ten times funnier, crazier things. And it’s going to be a great closing to the whole show.

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OK!: What would you say is the best and worst thing about being the only girl on both Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness?
CWC: The worst part is theres a lot of activities we do where I get hurt. I’ve gotten a lot of bruises. But the best part is I’m the only girl, so it’s not like being on a show where you’re with a bunch of women and it’s catty and there’s fights. It’s a drama-free environment.


OK!: Do you think you would you fit in on any of the girlier shows like Real Housewives?
CWC: Maybe, I mean I tend to think I’m a little less drama than a lot of those type of people and shows (laughs) but yeah, I think I’d fit in. I’m a girl and I like girly things even though I’m a tomboy also, you know?

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OK!: I want to talk about your music career, because you just signed with Young Money Records! What’s up next musically?
CWC: I definitely want to reach out of being known for only reality TV and being more known in the music world and it’s kind of happening as we speak. I’ve been dropping lots of music while I’m working on my debut album and I just finished my first headlining tour across the country which was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again—I’m probably going on a huge tour this summer, maybe the Vans Warped Tour. And I’m super excited for this last season because people will finally see that I’m an artist and I’m actually legit and it’s not a joke (laughs).


OK!: Do you see yourself doing any more reality TV?
CWC: No, not gonna happen (laughs). I’ve been pursuing music since I was 14. Rob just asked me to be on the show and I had no money so I was like, totally down for this, why not. And then I just kind of got stuck being on these shows and it was the best experience of my life but it was a huge setback for my music career. It’s not easy to go from reality TV to being taken seriously as an artist so I don’t think I’ll be doing reality TV again because of that (laughs).

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Check out Chanel on the season premieres of Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory, tonight at 10pm and 11pm on MTV, and be sure to check out Chanel’s music on her YouTube page! Do you prefer Chanel as a reality star or an artist? Excited for the final season of Fantasy Factory? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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