Perhaps no one has more of an inside scoop on what really goes down on the set of The Bachelor than its host, Christ Harrison, which makes him the perfect guy to ask about the show’s recent scandal involving a contestant and a producer getting to ah, know each other better. Chris addressed the drama on-air today on “Valentine in the Morning.”

After a producer stepped up and admitted he’d had some sort of “relations” with a contestant, who was supposed to be vying for the affections of Jake Pavelka, he was fired and the woman will be sent home.

“It was incredibly unfortunate, horrible decisions were made [and] this was something that we took very serious,” Chris explains, adding that in the past, scandalicious moments happened and they let the Bachelor or Bachelorette find out on their own. But not this time.

“It was embarrassing for us, and in fairness to Jake and for the other women, [we said] ‘Let’s nip this in the bud, take care of it,’ and that’s just what we did.”

As for the moment when Chris had to share the news with everyone, he says it was far from easy.

“It was intense, it was a wild night, and I knew nothing until I got there,” he explains. “And it was uncomfortable. There are train wrecks on this show when I’m like, ‘Oh this is going to be great!’ and, ‘Let’s let’ em have it!’ But this was one of those things where I felt bad for everybody.”

So is the renegade couple still together? Chris doesn’t know, but if they are, he wants to add them to the show’s tally of successful matches!


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